VMware and Powershell

Fair's fair. I've taken VMware to task when they, or their bloggers, post something which I think is false. Or the more blatant I think falsehood, the more outspoken my condemnation. Although it's might make a for a simpler view of the world to be attacking VMware the whole time like any organisation reality is more complex.

Over on the Powershell blog Jeffrey has been keeping an eye on the work VMware have been doing with their VMware Intrastructure (VI) Toolkit. Now it's in beta it has its own blog. I've got to have a play with the Out-Form function that Jeffery Points to.

With SCVMM already implementing one set of Powershell CmdLets for management, and people putting others together to work with WMI in Hyper-V, and then VMware's contribution as well it's going to be interesting to see if things get standardized.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    VMware are a competitor and so when things go wrong for them I’ll point it out (and to answer Nick, a

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