Powershell in Birmingham

For those in the audience, the files needed for this demo are in my skydrive folder (link on the left of this blog in the "NEWS" box or use this link ).  Unfortunately having run through the demo for the last time I moved 3 files from my desktop (instead of copying) when I made the ZIP to upload there which was why things code broke at the end.

The final bits that were lost because of this were

  • Showing what's in an NMEA format GPS Data file, and filtering out the diagnostic data from it
  • Adding a Header the NMEA text file and importing it with IMPORT-CSV.
  • Using SELECT-OBJECT to get a reduced set of fields, and using a calculated field to merge seperate date and time
  • Showing how ConvertTO-HTML can make this data into an HTML file in one line
    Finally, and what I'd been trailing in the demo
  • Using a development of this to tag information onto photos (the data to be used in the tagging had been moved as well).


NOTE TO SELF. Place files on the internet for attendees after the session. Not before.

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    On Wednesday we had the 1-day free multi-track event in the UK to celebrate the launch of Visual Studio

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