Vista SP1 update is now on Technet and MSDN

It's no use trying to pretend otherwise, we didn't do a great job on making Vista SP1 available. Some of us in the field  (Keith for one, Matt for another, Daniel for a third) felt the heat from customers and we did our bit to get the update out sooner. There was a lot of frustration internally.

Well if you're a technet subscriber the Update is at (Ditto for MSDN) You might expect it to be under downloads and product keys. It isn't (at the moment). Kathy has posted more information to the Technet Plus blog.

The slipstreamed install version will be posted soon. After what Mike Nash said I would have thought that would have be first - but what do I know ?

Incidentally there's a "notable features in Vista SP1" document which gives you a run down of the changes. Most of it is made up of a listing of the hotfixes which came out before SP1 and have been rolled into it, but also gives an idea of what's SP1 specific.


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Comments (4)

  1. James ONeill says:

    Hmmm. That’s a very odd. I thought you must be mistaken, but I’ve checked and I’m seeing the same thing. Time for some digging.

  2. HTCHAD-PC says:

    "we didn’t do a great job on making Vista SP1 available"

    Not only that, but we are all still wondering why you did it in the first place. Burned on Vista RTM. Burned on SP1 RTM. What’s next for SP2?

    Unless you actually fix the problem and replace the disasterous people making these decisions it’s inevitable that the same "we didn’t do a great job…" will permeate the next RTM release. This is a MAJOR wake-up call to Microsoft, but seeing as the SAME people are in the SAME place doing the SAME crappy job – well, this is all talk.

  3. Chris Latham says:

    A word of warning for Admins though – don’t touch SP1 until 2008 has shipped and they update the Remote Admin Tools (at last – something I couldn’t believe RTM shipped without anyway).

    Otherwise SP1 rips aways your GPMC leaving your DCs as the only place to manage your Group Policy. It hasn’t been publicised beyond the white paper, and I only found out when I went to make a change this morning.

    A small inconvenience which makes life that little bit harder.

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