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My morning has gone to ruin, I was supposed to be doing a Live Meeting to show some of things we'd done on 2008 Terminal Services on the last road show, my plan was to record it and edit the video to give some screen casts like the ones I've already posted on Virtualization.  Sadly the customer had a bit of a disaster and we had to reschedule.

Last night I found my self laughing out loud at David Salaguinto's office Offline blog (3 favourites being Maybe she'll outgrow it  , Stop the insanity and Dada-ism or Daddy-ism ). David makes his Visio template available via his blog so you can draw your own. It's a different style of cartoon from the ones I've been dabbling with....

Click for a larger version

I've aired my views on the way flash is used a number of times (Janina Köppel's Excellent SP-Studio site notwithstanding), and I'm delivering presentations two days out of three at the moment: maybe I'm just growing tired of the Powerpoint decks or maybe I'm stuffing from some the problems referred to here and here.)

One thing to try to do with slide decks is to break them up a bit. Whether use Janina's stuff to make cartoons which you can feed into something else, or David's Visio template to liven up your presentation. This took about 2 minutes.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You have to check out these comics created by James O’Neill. Not only am I laughing out loud, but now

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