Touch phones.

I was wrong. People seem to get on better with "touch" phones than I thought. I understand that different form factors suit different people. Just as some want a PDA and some want a phone, it seems that some want 12 keys, some want Qwerty and some want touch.

HTC have sold 2 Million of their touch phones (thanks to Jason for that link). HTC don't have the brand glamour of Apple. Apple have sold 2.3 Million iphones according to the BBC's reading of their accounts, and 4 Million according a quote from Steve Jobs in the news story about HTC. (I suspect jobs is talking since launch, and the BBC is talking about the last quarter). And the HTC device isn't as beautiful an object as the iPhone. It does corporate things well, like all the Windows powered phones from HTC, but people must like the interface. There's no other way it could be out for just half the year but account for 1 in 6 of all the phones HTC sold. 

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  1. Ed says:

    Your dang right tha tsome people want to have real keys to push on their phone. I don’t want to have to look at the phone to dial it, I want to dial with the phone not in my face.

    I’d have to add that the screen dialing probably adds to the issue with talking while driving. You have to put your phone between you and traffic to dial it.

    Let’s turn this around slightly. Let me take your keyboard away and give you a touch screen or a chicklet keyboard.

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