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I've talked about my habit of "Brutal e-mail triage" before my equation for guessing the usefulness of a mail is

100 Log2(1+sentences_by_the_sender) / (recipients * Kbytes * Organizational-hops-from-me)

A 1 sentence mail from Eileen scores about 10. I got a mail this morning which

  • Came from outside my normal circle.

  • Was forwarded to a large list (about 150 people) 

  • Was 3MB in size

With a single sentence of explanation would have scored about 1*10-6 but it didn't have that so it scored zero, so normally that would mean straight to the bin.Except, something in the text jumped out at me: You might have seen the heroes happen {here} campaign (why they happen in a code block I don't know), well now it's having cartoons drawn by professional, and he's looking for stories. So come on you must have done something a bit more heroic than looking answers up on a search engine or getting someone's lost PowerPoint back. There's a "Help us Drive the story" link on the cartoon page so there's a chance for fame. Or you could share your story with Andrew or me and let us do one for you, or even do your own visit Janina Köppel's Excellent SP-Studio site which I used to produce the ones above (PowerPoint is a great tool for assembling  the pictures into trips). We'll find some reward for anyone who shares either a raw story or finished cartoon.  

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