Screencast: Hyper-v without integration components

When I explain Hyper-V to people I usually have to spend a fair amount of time on the Integration components. The other videos in this set of 4 have shown VMs with the integration components, these

  • Allow Hyper-V to issue shutdown commands to the OS
  • Provide "Heartbeat" links and clock synchronization
  • Provide mouse integration and clipboard support
  • Provide VM bus drivers for IDE Acceleration, Synthetic SCSI, Synthetic NIC and Graphics

Without these VMs still run but have to use emulated hardware, and lose integration support (most obviously they capture the mouse). One way around the mouse and display issue is to use remote desktop to connect to the VM instead of Hyper-V's. I show all that in the screencast, and as with the others, you can replicate everything in the video if you have your own trial copy

Watch in a new window using Silverlight (9 Minutes 30)

Right click here and choose "Save target as" to download video (~40MB WMV)

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