Getting wireless access from a Hyper-V VM

One of the limitations of Hyper-V is Virtual networks can't be bound to Wireless LAN cards. Initially I thought this was because of the way wireless is provided via a service in Server 2008, but I've since been told it's to do with MAC addresses; wired Ethernet allows machines to change their MAC address, and even to have the same card sending out packets with multiple addresses. 802.11 does not.

Since I do a lot of my demos and general messing about with no wired connection this is a little bit of an inconvenience; after reading a few comments on the subject I thought I'd try setting up Internet connection sharing, and this forms the third of my  four server 2008  screencasts. As with the others, you can replicate everything in the video if you have your own trial copy

Watch in a new window using Silverlight (3 Minutes 45)

Right click here and choose "Save target as" to download video (~27MB WMV)

Tomorrow, I'll post part 4. Using Virtual Machines without the integration components.

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    I have for weeks on and off been trying to get a long term solution to Hyper-V not being able to use

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