Powershell interview with Jeffrey Snover

Powershell with Jeffrey Snover (IT Forum 2007)
At IT forum in Barcelona, I went to the powershell community dinner which was hosted by Jeffrey Snover. A couple of comments were made after the dinner, one to the effect that "If anyone in Microsoft has the right to be a bit arrogant, its Jeffrey - but he isn't ! , and another "He was so interested what I was doing I missed my chance to quiz him about the future".
I asked him if he would do an interview: "Sure !" he said, "Tomorrow morning ?" - so he squeezed me in to a very busy schedule. Then I didn't start the voice recorder properly and we had to record the whole interview a second time.
I'm pretty pleased with the interview - Jeffrey also explains why he makes time for communities - it's not just because he's a nice guy it makes commercial sense.

I need to say a quick thank you to David for helping me get this hosted on Technet EDGE I've got more stuff in the queue 🙂 

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