Grrr. A christmas present which is just going to have to wait.

I’m not a Christmas person. Among other things I’m I’ve no imagination for Christmas presents for myself or other people. Then I saw this… Early Christmas Present from PowerShell Team: Community Technology Preview-3 (CTP3) of Windows PowerShell V2 Having watched and …er … “helped” my son with his new Lego recently I was reminded that…


What will Windows 7 be like … magnificent ? The Goldilocks question.

It’s odd to think that  I’ve been using Windows Vista as my main OS for more than 2 years. We’ve started taking the wrappers off “Windows 7” and “Server 2008 R2” at Tech-ed in Barcelona people were asking when they could get a beta, when the product would ship and so on. I have summed…


IE Security Patch

You may have seen in the news over the last few days that a vulnerability has come to light in IE, which allows a carefully crafted web page to run arbitrary code on a PC. I don’t assess the technical side vulnerabilities -  some of the things written about how serious this one was one…


Virtualization: user group and good stories

Details of the next Microsoft Virtualisation* User Group meeting now up on! Where:   Microsoft London (Cardinal Place) When: Date & Time 29th January 2009 18:00 – 21:30 Who & What: Simon Cleland (Unisys) & Colin Power (Slough Borough Council) Hyper-V RDP deployment at Slough Borough Council Aaron Parker (TFL) Application virtualisation – what is…


Borrowing from Windows Explorer in PowerShell part 2: extended properties

When I stated looking at what could be done using explorer objects from PowerShell I “discovered” the extended properties. This vary between operating systems, before Windows 2000 the set was pretty rudimentary, XP and Server 2003 had quite an extensive set of properties and Vista/Server 2008 extends the set still further to 266 items.  You…


Borrowing from Windows Explorer in PowerShell part 1 – ZIP files

When I was at tech-ed in Barcelona recently I met Corey Hynes, who looks after building a lot the labs for these events and some of our internal training too. If you were at Tech-ed and saw Windows 2008 R2 on our stand there, you were seeing some of Corey’s work. He builds a lot…


Two more HPC events.

NetEffect presents: iWARP Enabled Ethernet and Windows HPC Server 2008 Deliver Super Computer Performance Where and When: Live Webcast December 3, 2008, 9:00am PDT / 5:00 GMT  through Live Meeting Here! (yes, today ! ) but On-demand recording will be available for download and viewing after the live webcast. There was a day when you…


PowerShell Verbs Vs Nouns

The first big PowerShell project I worked on was to produce the scripts in the OCS resource Kit. With OCS R2 announced, it won’t come as a great surprised that we’re working on the Reskit again and I’ve gone back to my scripts. Boy oh Boy have I learnt some stuff in the last year….


Green IT and adding up the numbers

I did the keynote for the virtualization unplugged tour recently, and I tried to draw several themes together in it. Virtualization is good for making IT more dynamic (and what that means and why it is good thing) and Virtualization is good for saving money, space and carbon emissions. But I’ve been at pains to…