Happy… whatever

Paul as he and his sister drew him Part of me wants to call out people I don't want to wish happiness, what I'd wish them is far too nasty to write at the season of goodwill to all...

Today is my son's 4th birthday, and as we celebrate Christmas so close to it he has the advantage that comes with his parents tending to be off work, and the drawbacks of arranging a party and people needing to give him two presents in four days. Wishing him happy birthday (and having a flurry of birthdays in early January) reminds me that there are more things to say at this time of year than "Merry Christmas." . If you celebrate one of the other festivals that falls at this time of year, then let me wish you Happy that.

For me there has been more to feel "up" about this year than feel "down" about. The new year has promise too. According to Amazon the OCS Resource Kit is out on January 19th, and I can *just* make out my name on the cover. Then we have Server 2008 and a raft of other new products due, the best times at Microsoft are always when we're shipping products. And outside of work, 10 weeks today I'll be on my way to go Scuba diving. 
Whatever would make a Happy new year for you, let me wish you that as well.

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