Window borders…

My carbon footprint has got worse: after the travel of the Road-show, I popped up to Leeds last night to talk to BCS. A round trip of 400 miles.

While I was there Dave threw me one of those questions... the kind where you know the answer. You know that you know it. But the harder you think about it, the more the answer refuses to come to you. And not remembering bothers you: it bothered me most of the way home.
The question was simple. "One of my clients has poor sight and relies on Windows Magnifier. He managed to dock magnifier on the side of the screen and  resize it down to zero width. He couldn't find the edge of magnifier to resize it."

Darn it, I know you can change the border size, on a window, it's useful if narrow borders don't work with your eyes or hands.  And it makes it impossible to lose a window. But where's the settings ?  

So today I dug the settings out in Vista, it's Control Panel, Personalization, Window Color and Appearance  Classic Appearance properties, Advanced. In XP it's Control Panel, Display, Appearance tab, advanced. Then you can click the window border and set it to any size you fancy.

And Magnifier does respect the size of the border so now if it suffers the same mishap it's easy to sort out.
Phew. That's one question off my mind, now to deal with all the other queries I got during the road-show.

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