Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1 Release candidates

I had a mail overnight from the Microsoft Connect service saying that as registered user Vista SP1 Release candidate is now available for download for suitably registered customers. It doesn't seem to be on the technet site at the moment. In any event the news is out that we've reached that milestone.

*** UPDATE ***  SP1 RC is now on the Technet site. I was told it would go onto technet and MSDN together. I can't check MSDN, but I'd expect it to be there too.

I also saw a press release yesterday about the launch of Server 2008, which contains the nearest thing to naming a release date.

Windows Server 2008, which is scheduled to release to manufacturing (RTM) by the Feb. 27 launch event, reached the RC1 milestone today and is available to customers for download at

That's it.. go and download it! Apparently 1.8 Million people already have tried the earlier builds.

It's widely understood that some of the stuff in Vista SP1 is linked to Server 2008, so they should ship pretty much together, but exactly when each of the ships is still to be decided. The launch event is the big fanfare thing which has to be booked months in advance. Release to Manufacturing happens when the product is deemed ready, and if you're looking to buy the product, the date it appears on the price list / in the shops is different again.

I got grumbled at for talking to much about Virtualization futures, so to prove I never learn ... the RC0 and RC1 builds of Server 2008 contain the same preview code for Virtualization. Hyper-V will go into beta at the release of Server 2008 and it will release with 180 days. We've been pretty clear about this for months. That doesn't give us much of a date for the release though - we might RTM server 2008  as soon as we get back from the Holiday season, and within 180 days could mean "the very next day" - theoretically at least - or we might not release Server 2008 until Feb 27th (it could even slip from that schedule) and Hyper-V might need the full 180 days. So its release could fall anywhere between January and August.  I have nothing to indicate where in these ranges it will come [note. This isn't a "know but can't say", but a "really don't know"]. It's stating the obvious to say that System Center Virtual Machine Manager wants to support Hyper-V as soon as possible after it launches, but how soon they can finish their product is one unknown, when Hyper-V is a second unknown, so predicting the gap is doing algebra with no knowns.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Windows Server 2008, which is scheduled to release to manufacturing (RTM) by the Feb. 27 launch event

  2. James ONeill says:

    It’s there on the technet site, and the connect site. If you haven’t got technet or signed up for connect then I doubt if you need the RC version.

    Don’t you understand what a release candidate is ?

    Which problems doesn’t the mac have ? Each mac SP is sold as a new version.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thursday was a busy day at Microsoft.  RC1 for Longhorn is now out and available for download. 

  4. DjLevel9 says:


    This time-limited release of Windows Server® 2008 Release Candidate will expire on April 7, 2008. After this time, you will need to uninstall the software or upgrade to a later release or a fully-licensed version of Windows Server® 2008.

    This product requires a valid product key for activation – you may install the product without activation, but if you do not enter a valid product key and activate within 30 days of installation, the software will cease to function.

    If you have received a product key via email confirmation, you may use the key with the software you download from this site or with a DVD containing Windows Server® 2008 Release Candidate.

    they Lies to us again I just called the Candian office there is NO Vista SP1 releace just the server i i wan’ted was the beta sp1 they mmissed me there links I can down load the Hack for by why should cause my friends are doing and the MS Employess are to

    what are we paying for Microafot they prommis software to there paying costomers post all thease dam links and they expire of the files not there how we just take the Big Giants In RedMond WS in the us to Court agaon

    We begoing to love the Mac Commercials Mocking Vista the New PR Woman hire to speak for PC it’s people are downloading back to there Xp Pro what they had before or going with Mac cause Mac doesn’t have all thease Problems

  5. John Sinclair says:

    Downloaded Vista SP1 RC1 from MSDN last night, rather surprised the download just enables your machine to get SP1 from windows update instead of a standalone install, but it worked well.  I actually had some unrelated issues while downloading and I wasn’t sure if I should kill the update and restart my machine before it the install finished or started or not, but after the download finished a standard “install sp1 now continue/cancel” window was shown so I cancelled, restarted and re-ran windows update.  Was pleasantly surprised that WU didn’t re-download anything.  Install took nearly an hour, no hitches and so far I’m very happy.  Memory use seems significantly lower which was my major beef with RTM – I have 2gb but 3x visual studio + sql management studio will normally bring things to a crawl.

    Hasn’t fixed my issues with offline files or windows experience index scores tho (both refuse to enable/run)

  6. Dataland says:

    Microsoft has finally posted a reasonably descriptive overview of what’s included in Vista SP1. As I’ve already blogged, I think Vista is more than a little slow and bloated. I know other people who are concerned with Vista’s reliability, but unfortunately I have not yet gotten there (I find Vista’s performance too lacking to have used it enough to run into reliability issues). Here are Vista SP1 improvements I find interesting…


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