Office 2007 support for Windows mobile

One of our Redmond product managers was visiting today, and since he's old friend of mine from my days in consulting we took a chance to grab a Coffee. In putting the world to rights we took in the problem of one part of Microsoft not knowing what another is doing. It always amuses me that people outside Microsoft assume what it thought in one place ripples out everywhere else. And it frustrates us when we don't get that right.

A great example was Windows Mobile 6. and Office 2007: released at more-or-less the same time, you might have expected WM6 to support the latest office... er No. It didn't.

We've now got the download available for Windows Mobile 6 to support Office 2007 files. I've found that this is a US version and I had to change the regional settings on my phone before it would install. 

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