It must be the truth ‘cos it’s there in the news

I have learnt better than to read everything I read on The register.

But, deary, deary me. It seems only 26,000 iPhones have been activated in the UK. That was against a launch forecast of 100,000 for the first weekend. Indeed the register paints a picture of carphone warehouse having stacks of unsold iphones being gradually fixed to warehouse shelves by layers of cobwebs.

Gizmodo have a survey which says everyone's heard of the iphone but 72% of people asked say it's too expensive

I've never had my grubby paws on an iPhone so I shouldn't comment, but I'll happily quote what one of my colleagues said about it by comparison with the HTC's touch dual.
I’ve got an HTC Dual and an iPhone and the Dual is way better than the iPhone.  As a business device the iPhone is a joke, email is just cr*p.  Also, although the UX/UI on the iPhone is initially cool, what really struck me was that on the plane in airplane mode – nothing worked as everything assumed a live connection

No doubt the usual Apple fan-boys and -girls will be along shortly to rant at me for even commenting on the telephonic messiah

Talking of rants, it seems Attila the stockbroker's "Ranting at the Nation" album, so much a part of my mis-spent youth - is now avaialble for Download.  It includes "Russians at the DHSS", which gave my title for this post. It opens with the fairly quotable
"It first was a rumour dismissed as a lie
But then came the evidence none could deny
A double page spread in the Sunday Express
The Russians are running the DHSS".

Somewhere in a loft I must have a bootleg cassette of this album. It would be nice to go legit finally.


Update: Thanks to Finbar, I've fixed the link to the HTC phone. Note to self... don't copy and paste links from OWA


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  1. James ONeill says:


    You obviously missed this.

    Microsoft don’t manufacture or Sell smartphones. So the stuff that got us that bad rating from Greenpeace applies to things like Xbox, keyboards, Mice etc.

    Companies like HP and Toshiba who make Windows Mobile devices come much higher in the survey. There’s recognition inside Microsoft that we have to improve our performance here, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

    Apple have certainly improved, but I got a link to Electronics weekly’s made by monkeys in my mail this week which had this item on the rather nasty coolant leaks on Apple G5s.

    Just put apple coolant leak into you favorite search engine.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was at the TechNet roadshow in Manchester (and heck was it COLD!). It was great to see so many people,

  3. Russ says:

    At least the iPhone isn’t packed with ‘toxic chemicals’!  That smartphone is making me feel ill!

  4. Russ says:


    And you obviously missed this: I was only joking with you!  What do you think I’m doing with my Smartphone, eating it?! 😉

  5. Mark Wilson says:

    Without wishing to sound like an Apple fanboy the iPhone and Windows Mobile are very definitely for different markets.  In fact, the O2 Ts and Cs prohibit commercial use of the iPhone data package (and it’s only available on three tariffs – all with the same Ts and Cs) so that places it firmly in the consumer device camp.

    On the other hand, Windows Mobile is designed for commercial use – i.e. for power users who want/need access to data and contacts on the move, plus Internet access.  I’d say that Windows Mobile doesn’t need to worry about the iPhone – the main competition is BlackBerry (which, personally, I don’t rate particularly highly).

    I do have my grubby mitts on a iPhone – every day – and it’s the first mobile handset that I’ve genuinely enjoyed using (in 13 years of mobile phone ownership).  There’s a lot it doesn’t do (3G and GPS for starters) but what it does, it generally does well.  The trouble is, it’s expensive, niche, and very much a first generation device.

    (Was that balanced and objective enough?)

    M 😉

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