Phase one strategic alliance

I've been using Phase One's "Capture one" software for the last 3 years and I like it better than anything else I've tried for processing RAW images. So I was interested when one of the photography forums linked to this press release.

"Microsoft and Phase One Form Strategic Alliance to Improve Digital Photography Solutions" it says.
In Plain Words, Gowers says we can't send some words into the world naked, and have to give them a dressing gown, for example "Alliances" are always called strategic. Does this tell me what will come of it ? No.

The release also talks about "HD Photo, Photosynth, Digital Image Suite and other products that provide superior solutions for professional photographers and enthusiasts alike."
HD photo hasn't seen much adoption, Photosynth is available as product, and Digital image suite has been killed off.

Our record with software for the photo-enthusiast is at best, patchy. The one high spot being indexing pictures in Vista, and the basics provided in photo gallery (and its "Live" sister which works on XP) . This deal doesn't say anything about Microsoft getting the rights to any Phase one software so I don't know what the alliance is for. Still if I get to evangelise about Capture One I won't be complaining.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hot on the heels of the announcement that Phase one and Microsoft had entered an alliance I got a mail

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