Windows Server Virtualization (2008) Rapid Deployment Programme (RDP)

Update. Some days, I worry that the things I forget might be a sign I'm heading for the "twilight home for the bewildered". RDP programmes generally take their customers from existing managed accounts, and the WSv one will follow that pattern. So I can't nominate people for the RDP and we're not looking for customers to put themselves forward. For some reason when I made the post I was thinking the exact opposite.
I know there are people out there who monitor blogs for posts being taken down, and I don't want to start any mad rumours so the original text is still here. I'll put up a fresh post, about the momentum programme at a later date.


We are getting ready to take nominations for this programme: It's not an open beta program (it is expected to have only about 40 places) so most people will be turned away. There is a second programme called the Momentum programme which provides a lower level of support. If you're looking to evaluate Virtualization on Windows Server 2008 either programme may be of interest, so please send me a mail. If you are in the UK I will help the process along for you. If you are located somewhere else I'll try to put you in contact with someone local that can help. Please note that nominations  close on November 16, please don't ask after then.

Here's a summary of what the RDP is about.

Our Goals

  • Build closer relationship with customers to get deployment feedback
  • Understand and document best practices
  • Develop Case study evidence and customer references for the product launch

We will provide

  • Early Access to Pre-Release Code and information
  • Technical Support - providing an escalation contact and access to Premier support 
  • Access to application compatibility and test teams
  • Part payment of consulting costs associated with the project

Customer Requirements:

  • Commit to deploying Windows Server Virtualization and / or System Center Virtual Machine Manager (we expect to see Executive sponsoring participation, a project manager and other staff allocated to the programme)
  • Participate in regular status conference calls and training, and provide Provide ongoing status updates and surveys 
  • Pay part of consulting costs (Yes. You have to spend money to be on this programme)
  • Install pre-release code into a production environment (unlike most beta programmes, we will support RDP participants running pre-release code in production)

If that sounds like you then Mail me, if not but you're still interested in WSV e-mail me with the word AIRFRAME in the subject line. (Airframe is the name of the portal we a just replacing for managing the programme).


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