An Unhelpful mire of Marketing-speak

I've shared the text in my post "Civilisation will come to an end because no one will understand what anybody else is saying" with a few people and they liked it... I was teasing Andrew earlier that he never wrote anything which interested me, but that's not strictly true. A slide on his blog, jumped out at me: asked about to rank the clarity of Language used by IT vendors, about 40% of respondents  said they "can often be ambiguous or confused"   and a similar number said it was "An unhelpful mire of marketing speak". 

What the slide doesn't tell me was whether the people being asked work for IT vendors. Someone sent me an "FYI" slide deck last week. 110 slides, and 19,800 words; those of you who are quick at mental arithmetic  will already know that averages 180 words per slide. When I asked "Why am I the one doing this ?"  one of the questions I asked was "Why do I have to organize the writer's thoughts into something coherent". Now I have the perfect description for these mails are sent to "Fill Your Inbox" (the true meaning of FYI) so thanks Andrew.

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