Phase one: Capture one V4 has a new beta.

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Phase one and Microsoft had entered an alliance I got a mail to tell me about Capture one 4 beta 2. The web site has one of the most annoying bits of flash I’ve seen a while. There’s a control to turn the cheesy music off but you can’t do…


Sometimes I feel like a woman.

No. Not like that.  But every time I read about things about “What Women want in the work place”, I find my self saying I want that too ! On Monday I was visiting a customer who, like Microsoft, appears on The Times’ “Where Women want to work” top 50. They had the Times supplement in reception,…


Phase one strategic alliance

I’ve been using Phase One’s “Capture one” software for the last 3 years and I like it better than anything else I’ve tried for processing RAW images. So I was interested when one of the photography forums linked to this press release. “Microsoft and Phase One Form Strategic Alliance to Improve Digital Photography Solutions” it…


More halo 3 picture fun

Driving home last night I heard Stephen McGill (who’s in charge of all things Xbox in the UK) on the PM programme (it’s about 40 minutes in if you want to use the “Listen again feature). He was talking about Gears of War winning the Golden Joystick awards. According to the BBC Xbox and Wii…


Post removed

This article has been removed. The article implied a number of traits about Mr Richard Morrell which are entirely without basis. I apologise for both the factual inaccuracy and the offence caused to Mr Morrell through this article.    


Units: introducing the millitree

One of my colleagues has in her e-mail signature “Please think of the environment before printing this. 1 ton of paper = 17 trees”. That’s all fine and good. But how many sheets of paper do you get from a tree ? Indeed is there a standard for the size of a tree ? Since we’re…


It’s 1986 all over again.

A few minutes before yesterday’s race in the Brazil began, I had a bad feeling about how the Formula one world championship would end. I know my F1 history (Recently I correctly dated each car in a display of F1 cars from the 1980s and 90s:  to the shock of some colleagues who were with me, and the chap…


Software + Services – X-box live as a model ?

We keep talking about a world of Software + Services. I saw a slide recently that talked about this almost in the form of “Client / Server 2.0” The idea went like this First we had the PC / Mainframe era. It was either anarchic on the PC or Controlled and restricted as a central…


Windows Activation (Server 2008 style)

One of the things we’ve done with Windows over the years is to try to make life a bit harder for people who pirate it. This isn’t just about protecting Microsoft’s revenue (or even keeping that revenue out of the hands of criminals) but investigations have found that pirates expose their “customers” to other risks:…


Skydrive update (and live vs on-line)

Over on the SkyDrive team blog there’s news of some improvements they’ve made. In case you haven’t heard about it Windows Live Skydrive is our “Storage in the cloud” solution. 1 GB of storage RSS feeds – You can subscribe to RSS feeds on public folders Add a contact from the SkyDrive website  (You no longer…