Colin McRae

Not the the game he lent his name to but the man himself.

His helicopter crashed yesterday afternoon; there were no survivors although the dead have not been formally identified it is understood that Colin was among them.[Update. The BBC are saying that Colin, his 5 year old son, his 6 year old friend and a 37 year old family friend were on board.]

Although my interest has always been more in single seaters; Colin's talent meant he was always special, and it was combined with a personality which made him widely liked.

British Rallying had two great talents and great people in Colin and Richard Burns. Richard's death from a brain tumour in 2005 (I thought it was more recent) was a great loss. To lose Colin as well is ... indescribable. I've sat at my keyboard trying to put it into words ; I'll leave it to others

At times like this we remember family and close friends of those we have lost, and how much more acutely they must feel it than we do.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a winter person. Things which one would normally take in one’s stride become the end-of-everything

  2. im sad to hear ur gon but u didnt deserv to died like that i thought u died in a rally car but i wock up this morrin at 5am i heard the news i was in teires u were my great fan plus u were the fifst man to win world rally but ur a legend and u will never be forgotin if we new what was goin to happen people wouldnt let u fly that chopper but we couldnt u will be missed but ur in people hearts ur family will take it the hard ist ur daughter will miss you when you youst too take her on ur quad and scrambler and she liked to go flyin with u but she was lucky she didnt go i know dis because i watched ur video in scotland ur a hero but to me ur more a champion a legend

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