Ferrari International Assistance

"Ferrari International Assistance" , the FIA, the governing body of Motorsport, appear to be out of their minds.

Anyone who can see the sense in the following, please post a comment.

Someone in Team A sent someone in Team B a lot of information. Some of it was design related, but the recipient wasn't a designer. According to a published letter from the principal of Team B, a search of their network has shown no signs of the data; and all 140 Engineers from Team B provided statements saying they had not seen the data and no one has asserted that any part of Team B's car has been copied from the information they received.

It is held that sender in team A did not act on behalf of his team in sending the information to his friend in team B. The pair approached team C who retreated.
However it is held the recipient in Team B did act on behalf of his team.  

All over Southern England I can hear people wondering if Ron Dennis sounds that much like Michael Caine, and misquoting a line from the Italian Job.

There are a quarter of a million Italians in Britain, and they'll be made to suffer. Every restaurant, cafe, ice-cream parlour, gambling den and nightclub in London, Liverpool and Glasgow.....will be smashed. Mr. Bridger Dennis will drive them into the sea"

Fiat sales people in the UK will be revising their sales forecasts tonight.

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Update. It seems that there was more to it than the collection of design documents.
I'm also surprised that when I picked those 3 letters for the meaning of FIA, I was by no means the first to do so. Have a look at this from the Renault pit. It seems even the teams think that of the FIA

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A few minutes before yesterday’s race in the Brazil began, I had a bad feeling about how the Formula

  2. James ONeill says:

    Roberto. That wasn’t published when I made the post. It should have been published when the FIA announced their decision (see comments above).

    One of the interesting things is that Coughlan – who seems was more of a middleman than Mclaren Management knew a few weeks ago – looks likely to be banned from any involvement in motor sport. But DelaRosa who asked for information from Ferrari, which Coughlan either had or then got from Stepney is protected from any sanction.

    Also of interest is that the FIA say in section 8 they can come to a verdict on things they beleive to be the case but for which no evidence is presented. I find it hard to beleive that Coughlan didn’t tell Stepney anything about what happened at Mclaren, which would mean that Ferrari would also have to be fined and excluded.

  3. James ONeill says:

    Jimbo, when “justice” is carried out behind closed doors it is not seen to be done. Why does one have to assume the FIA is right, unless they do show how McLaren DID make use of the data ?

    “It seems some of the most powerful people (in F1) are more aligned to Ferrari than anybody else. The FIA have historically been very close to Ferrari, closer to them than anyone else. There are more Ferrari representatives on the World Council than anybody else.”

    Not my words, Jackie Stewart’s (

  4. James ONeill says:

    Jimbo, how precisly does a motor racing fan lobby to change the rules of FIA ?

    How was there intent to use the information ?Mclaren didn’t ask someone at Ferrari to send the team any data. One person at Ferrari sent it to one person at Mclaren. As I said, the Mclaren individual was held to be acting for the team but the Ferrari individual wasn’t. The pair were making a joint approach to Honda, so it’s generally assumed they were acting for themselves not their teams.

    How can any company do anything about what one of their guys was doing in secret ?

    What’s interesting is that the FIA have given the constructors champtionship to Ferrari, and have given Mclaren a financial handicap for future seasons. But if Mclaren as a whole didn’t have the information why were they punished ? If they did have it, and benefitted from why weren’t their drivers kicked out of the championship for getting an unfair advantage ?

  5. Jimbo says:

    Since it is almost impossible to determine what information was used by McClaren it HAS to be assumed that something nefarious was going on, hence the punishment.

    If McClaren were completely innocent they would have immediately informed FIA upon receipt of the document, this did not happen.

  6. Gary Quigley says:

    Ere James I have a dossier on Google are you interested… By association this should bring Microsoft down…

    The whole thing is ridiculous – Mike Coghlin should have shown better judgement, but this kind of sanction on McLaren is WAY over the top.

  7. Jimbo says:

    "…is carried out behind closed doors…"

    now that is another issue entirely.  If the FIA has followed its own rules and you are unhappy then push to have those rules changed.

    "Why does one have to assume the FIA is right?"

    Even if the information was not used it is clear the intent was there to use it, it’s not that an assumption has been made that the FIA is right, it’s more that the evidence shows that McClaren were wrong.  If it had been proven that they had used the information an even tougher penalty would have been justified.

    "The FIA have historically been very close to Ferrari"

    I take it you mean that the FIA is biased in its decision towards McClaren – if that can be proven then the FIA should be taken to task.

    From my perspective the FIA looks remarkably restrained in its treatment of McClaren.

    None of this mess would have occured if McClaren had done the right thing and informed authorities about the material when they received it – but they were caught with their hand in the candy jar and now they have to face the music.

  8. Maarten Nouwens says:

    Max Mosley is killing Formula 1. The idiot is taking decisions based on personal feelings, he hates Ron Dennis.

    Every season he is assisting F***ari by punishing teams but F***ari.

    Does he think that we, the fans, are blind with our eyes open? Or that we forget so quick?

    The man should take example by Bernie Ecclestone; go selling second hand cars.

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