On Cartoons #1

I've told the story before about introducing myself with the words 'I work-to-bring-about-the-Kingdom-of-the-anti-christ-on-earth' 

And I've shown my "Blue Monster" business card using one of Hugh's Cartoons. 

Well it looks like Hugh has another cartoon that might end up on a cards - I guess Steve will want some as he spends more time with  Open Source community than I do.



I have to admire people who can keep producing cartoons. I drew a handful last year and it's so difficult to keep doing it (much as some people find their blog dries up after the first flush of enthusiasm).

Bonus Links

#1 A Cartoon for Dr Who fans

#2 Channel 9 Park  South Park style meets channel 9 substance. A confusion of Ozzies here is just priceless.

#3 Bug bash -  Monday mornings are a little better when I see the (1) beside bug bash in my "RSS Feeds" Outlook-folder.

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