Windows Live Writer: Getting a new dictionary

Adam sent me a mail, saying that he noticed my gripe about Live Writer: that it's behaviour around words like colour was likely to antagonise* English people (it would say it's behavior around words like color was likely to antagonize*). Thanks to him I found a fix.  Adam says that the handling of the personal dictionary in Live writer is sloppy - It seems to be fixed in the build I'm running.

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* It always surprises me how few British English writers know that it is perfectly acceptable to write Antagonize. Here's what Gowers says in "Plain Words"

On the Question of whether words like Organise or Organisation should be spelt with an s or a z, authorities differ. There are some words (e.g Advertise, comprise, despise, advise, exercise and surmise) which are never spelled with a z. There are others (such as Organize)  for which the spelling with z is the only American form , and is also a very common British one. This being so the British writer has the advantage over the American in that we may, if we wish, use an s all the time, for that will never be wrong, whereas a Z sometimes will be. But do not condemn those who use z in it's right place.

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  1. James ONeill says:

    Graham, completely agree. The Z thing always amuses me because the "S" is a victorian affectation and people who complain that using Z is a nasty American change to the spelling are wrong. There’s an Inspector Morse story which turns on the murder victim being old fashioned about his English and using Z.

    Will T. Absolutely. Having an apostophe in my name I get especially annoyed by it.

    Tobie. Agree too. I suspect – but don’t know for sure – that we’re not allowed to make spelling an OS service. So you get spelling add ons for IE, spelling in office, different add ons for Windows live.

    But here’s an odd thing post about Windows and I’m lucky to get a comment. Post about spelling and I get 3 in 90 minutes 🙂

  2. Graham Chastney says:

    I think the thing that realy antagonises is that it’s "American English" that gets priority rather than "International English" 🙂

    Considering that the English language is such a mish-mash of words created, stolen and subverted it always puzzles me when people get puritanical about English.

    I don’t get too worried about it, but I have a few readers who do. It’s easier to get it right, rather than be told I’ve got it wrong.

  3. Will T says:

    "But do not condemn those who use z in it’s right place"

    Can I condemn those who use apostrophes in the wrong place? 🙂

  4. Tobie Fysh says:

    It does seem strange that language is treated so differently by applications, would be nice for a unified spell checker that all applications use. Live Mail Desktop (or whatever we are calling it today) uses its own spell checker even though Office is installed, the downside is it refuses to spell check in UK English (Something Outlook Express managed for years!)

  5. Graham Chastney says:

    I’ve also had more comments about the dictionary hack post than any other post.

  6. AdamV says:

    Thanks for pointing out that my findings about the virtualised folder were inconsistent with yours. Joe Cheng also commented to the same effect, and you were both right, I had been swapping between too many windows and confused my train of thought.

    Apologies for any confusion, the original post now bears an edit to this effect.

  7. Ian says:

    I think it would probably say "its behavior around words…" if it could punctuate correctly too. Touché!

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