OCS RTM (Office Communications Server Releases To Manufacturing).

The news is on the Microsoft Press Pass web site.  


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, Since the announcement was broken concerning the RTM of Office Communications Server 2007 there…

  2. Anonymous says:

    As James and Arthur have noticed, last week, we’ve released Office Communications Server to manufacturing

  3. James ONeill says:

    Hi Daniel. Glad you like it. And yes, I’d say Arthur is pretty passionate about this stuff.

  4. Arthur says:

    More from the land of MUCUGUK …


    I’ve just published the OCS 2007 documents after finding them in the public domain …


    Happy reading


  5. Arthur says:

    Office Communications Server 2007 is RTM

    The following products have been included within the RTM authorisation

    Office Communicator 2007

    Office Communications Server 2007

    Office Live Meeting Console 2007

    Communicator Web Access 2007

    Microsoft RoundTable 2007

    OCS 2007 Speech Server

    As OCS nears RTM Microsoft releases Virtual Labs for Office Communications Server 2007

    Sometimes there are benefits to being 7 hours behind the UK … I get the scoop !! But having insider information is a small advantage ! – but I’m still dry and warm



  6. Daniel says:


    Good Blogs pages, slightly tangible but worth reading. I found your blog whilst looking for the definative list of KB published against LCS 2005 I stumbled across the MUCUGUK site, & followed a link from one of Arthur’s postings to you.

    Is Arthur really that passionate about LCS & OCS along with other IT?

    KB’s are here



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