Why I really bought an Xbox-360

I know my wife reads my blog. (Hello dear). So I hope I'm not going to surprise her. zzzzzz7654198There are a bunch of reasons why I like the Xbox-360

Great is too small a word to describe what's coming. At E3 we showed a new trailer for the Halo. It looks... superb. I like the Halo themed X-box on that page but I can live with my white non-HDMI one for now.  Have a look at the "ARMS Race" video linked to further down the page from Neill Blomkamp who is working on the Halo Movie (apparently).

Not withstanding, media, marble games, driving games and general living-room experience of the 360, the prospect of Halo 3 is just too exciting, and the real game play (as opposed to the X-box rendered cut-scenes) looks stunning. I can't wait.



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  1. James ONeill says:

    Oh yes, I just checked Sonic is available for download in X-box live arcade. I’ll still take the Master chief though 🙂

  2. James ONeill says:

    Jamie I completely agree. And yet I took one look at the Halo Trailer and realised once these were all really good reasons, they weren’t THE REASON.

  3. Jamie Gray says:

    I bought my Xbox 360 to hook into vista’s media centre.  Can now steam all my music, photos and backed up DVDs wirelessly (when vista behaves with my wireless card, no netgear 64bit drivers yet) straight to my telly.  So much better than burning rediculous numbers of DVDs or attempting to plug in my ipod.

    Ohh and Live Marketplace is brilliant, worms on a nice high def screen is unbeatable and I see Microsoft have announced at E3 that the original Sonic is coming!! Who needs Halo 3???

  4. The wife says:

    No, no surprises there 😉

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