Moving from VB to PowerShell

I'm continuing to fiddle with PowerShell.

I have 28 years of BASIC under my belt Starting with a DEC PDP 8/f moving onto Microsoft Basic with the Commodore PET (hands up who remembers Poke 59468,14 and ,12 ?) , through the AppleSoft version of it, and Sinclair Spectrum (with it's one touch expansion of tokens, M was pause - my mnemonic - PAWS on a Mouse.)  Through Access Basic, Word Basic, VB version 1 and so on.... So when I what to convert a number to it's ASCII character I know it's CHR$(x) - or in these enlightened times where we don't put $ on string variables and functions any more than we use line numbers and Goto - simply CHR(x). So what's the Powershell equivalent ? (1)

If you're at the same stage of learning Powershell as I am , a technet page called Converting VBScript Commands to Windows PowerShell Commands is a fantastic resource. Enjoy.


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(1) [Char]$x does it.

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  1. Melissa says:

    > hands up who remembers Poke 59468,14 and ,12 ?

    Raises hand… (it switches between uppercase/lowercase and uppercase/graphics).  It’s scary that like me, you still remember this poke.

    Ah yes, POKE nostalgia.

    Do you remember the "System variables" chapter of the spectrum manual where it listed all the variables used by the ROM (how do you annoy a spectrum owner? POKE 23562,1:POKE 23561,1).  And similarly, who can forget _The Complete Spectrum ROM Disassembly_? How else would you know what RST 10 did.  Those were times when we were encouraged to hack and explore; these days, people would scream "intellectual property theft".

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