Mobile phone round-up

Steve has been had a play with the HTC "Touch" (lucky man). He asks "who on Earth would want an iPhone?!" That's simple, any one who buys for what the badge says about them. The kind of person who thinks a £300 (after contract) fashion accessory phone is just what their image needs. I've quoted the description of Macs as "Smug, preening tossers" twice before (although after watching the SteveJ and BillG interview I think I should make it the last time.  Speed reading something Robert Scoble wrote I read "A good phone matters to me. But to [my wife] ? Not at all. So she'll probably end up with the iPhone" which I thought put it brilliantly; but sadly that's not what he said, re-reading it I find he actually said a good phone camera mattered.

After blogging that I want a new Bluetooth headset it would have a bit odd if I really had thrown my Jabra 250 out of the car on Wednesday night. I got close though. I told the phone "Call Jackie at Home". "Call back 71077345 ? " it asked. No! "Call Jackie" might sound like "Call back" but when I said "Call Voice mail" it asked to call back ... I tore the headset off and through it to the back of the car....

It turned out that the phone had a moment of amnesia. It had lost all my contacts (and mail, calendar and server configuration). I think I know why ...

I mentioned before that there were some new provisions for supporting rights managed mail on the phone. This needs a new version of the Vista Mobile Device Centre - I was running the beta and I think it has periodically hosed the phone. Well the final version is now available in 32 bit  and 64 bit versions. Hopefully it no-longer causes amnesia. You get easy certificate enrollment , rights management set-up, File sync, and you can keep your phone connected to WiFi when it is plugged into the PC - and other things described on the download pages.  


Comments (3)

  1. James ONeill says:

    Hmmm. Questions I’d have about the sony are how well does it integreate with Exchange, can I just drag music, video and recorded TV I have in Windows media player straight to it.

    I’ve been quite pleased with the improved camera on the E650 (HTC Vox) but I’d expect the Sony to be better.

  2. Jamie Gray says:

    As someone who used to work in the mobile retail sector I feel your pain over the bluetooth headset.  I don’t think there is a single headset on the market that works flawlessly, just some work better than others.  Normal advice is get the same brand headset as phone, but with smartphones thats almost never possible.  In that case, I’ve found Sony Ericsson ones to be pretty good.

    Very tempted by the HTC Touch myself, although the Sony Ericsson P1 looks like it’ll be very nice as well (admittedly not windows mobile, but does have exchange active sync)

  3. says:

    I think I’d personally be more tempted by the Sony Ericsson, which typically has a more flexible multimedia section, not to mention the good old Cyber-shot camera, which is extremely reliable.

    Bluetooth headsets, incidentally, are cursed things. I much prefer a wired connection, as this is more robust, and somehow comforting.

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