Interested in Pictures ? Got 8 minutes ? Watch this.

image It seems I got my Blue Monster business cards a few days before Hugh did. Hehe. Steve's got some so has 't other Steve. We'll soon have enough for a Blue Monster user group.

It will be interesting to see who wants the traditional Microsoft one and who takes the Blue Monster ...  


Thanks to Hugh I found the video below on Peter's Site

In an earlier post I talked about photosynth. I know a little bit more about it than I'm able say in public, but Hugh gave a link to the Video below, which explains the related "Seadragon" technology and almost all that I do know. Now as a presenter I can tell you there a few sounds you really love to hear. The small laugh at the jokes the person on before you makes is one (this is a good audience) and Ooohs, Aaahs, cries of "woah!" and ripples of applause and as you put your product through its paces form another group (this is a good product) the video has quite a few of those.

 Now I'm just wondering what this might do mated with Surface


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  1. nice cards – my experience would be to order some more now. i was in Bristol last night and other events last week and people were literally coming up to ask me just for a card. no interest in talking to me, they just want a Blue Monster 🙂 Hey ho!

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