Windows Vista "breaking" OWA

One of the things that annoys any technical person is when you get asked a question and have to shrug and say "No, never seen that one", even if you suspect there is a genuine problem. I've had a couple of people ask me about problems with Outlook web access under Vista. The symptoms are usually in the form that the user can read mail but not reply to it. I've known for a while that there is a patch for OWA but until recently I didn't know what the cause was or where to go for the resolution. A post on the IE Team blog explains what the root cause is (removing the DHTML control), where to get even more information, and where to go for the patch.

So now I know (and so do you)

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  1. Laurence Sharp says:

    Hi James

    Thanks for posting this – I was one of the people who asked you about using OWA with Vista.

    Unfortunately it appears that the hotfix required to fix this issue only works with Exchange 2003 SP2, at least that’s what my Exchange Admins tell me.

    Needless to say, we are currently running Exchange 2003 with SP1!



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