Another year comes to another ending*.

Eileen has made here own pick of  Gimundo’s “What I’ve learned” page (oddly termed the URL is “Thankful”… )  – though for pity’s sake clicking through 700 plus thoughts 5 at a time (140 clicks) must mean she’s read all the Christmas books. (Maybe next year I’ll buy some people in the management chain Up…


Happy… whatever

Part of me wants to call out people I don’t want to wish happiness, what I’d wish them is far too nasty to write at the season of goodwill to all… Today is my son’s 4th birthday, and as we celebrate Christmas so close to it he has the advantage that comes with his parents tending to…


Virtualization futures revisited

I’m not a winter person. Things which one would normally take in one’s stride become the end-of-everything at this time of year. There is nothing for it but to remind myself that the solstice is coming and read my Tennyson* to think on how things turn around with the obituary being written for one year and the birth notice…


The Tafiti code

I blogged about Tafiti before, it’s had a “Halo 3” skin applied since, but you can still see the Original – It’s a very nice Silverlight front end for searches done in live search. We’ve announced that we are releasing the Tafiti Search Visualization source code to CodePlex, which means any developer can download, modify, and resell…


USB Battery

**Warning** Neither I nor Microsoft will take any responsibility for what happens if you follow these instructions. I am not recommending this, just reporting my experience. For ages now I’ve had a bookmark for a hack to make a “USB Battery”. I wrote ages ago about making up cables to power things from USB… but and…


MY reason for having Office 2007 SP1

I’ve blogged about this twice already, but now it’s on my system I have one bug-fix to report. I read every thing in Outlook. I don’t go to blog sites to see if they have posts, I subscribe to RSS feeds, which get brought into folders in Outlook. In fact if something doesn’t come to…


Hyper-V BETA (not CTP) is now available.

In the UK we take the Mickey Bliss out of the Americans for saying they are super-excited. For once I’m super-excited myself , in another Window I’m watching the build of Server 2008 WITH BETA HYPER V download from an internal server. The news is out. The following is straight from the press release REDMOND, Wash….


Slides, Slides and more Slides.

I’m presenting (again) in a few minutes, and still have a link which my friend David sent me on my mind.  (No doubt the Apple antagnophiles will pounce on the negative iPhone link on that page) Entitled How not to use PowerPoint it has a brilliant item embedded in it called “Death by PowerPoint and…


More on office SP1 (pass the tin hat)

It was an interesting journey to work. Between the fog, ice and roadworks and traffic police who seem to have become suicidal of late, I was listening to my e-mail through Outlook Voice Access. The time really has come to buy myself a Jawbone headset: OVA is perfect when I use the mobile handset (illegal in the…


Not dead ….

 When I put new words to the Blue monster, I used the way Terry Pratchett got one of his characters to write it.  I have a shelfful of his books, including some very rare unsigned ones. I like his wit, and there are some great allegories to draw on.  There’s a story on the Web site of…