Huskies, Cats … oh and a whale for good measure.

My Colleague Mike Pallot keeps an interesting blog, which I'm slightly ashamed to say I found by accident : a recent entry got me to do a test of my "Personal DNA" which comes back with saying I'm a ...

Most of Mike's stuff is about High Performance Computing and Search. He gives a great analogy for High Performance Computing , Cray Super Computers (like the one I got access to as a student in the mid 1980s) were like race horses, Linux Clusters resemble flocks of chickens that are tough to harness, manage and configure, and Windows Compute Cluster Server is like a team of huskies. Presumably the number one dog in the team is a respectful leader too.

Hmmm. Herding Chickens ? I thought the phrase was "Like herding cats" (I love that commercial - shame it's only in qucktime). Mike says the analogy made him cry with laughter... now ... leaving the office this evening I was listening to Radio 4's PM program and I heard "A listener contacted us to say they'd found the exploding whale on You tube". If you don't know the exploding whale (the story of removing a Dead Whale with Dynamite)  it takes two seconds to find it. And it makes me crry with laughter everytime.

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  1. Mike P_1 says:

    Nice – Glad you liked the analogy – credit has to go to the new Aussie in our marketing group Dr. Michael Newberry for that analogy. Personally I thin the car one is best about trying to sell a Ford Focus to mainstream society when there will always be a fwe people who like to spend their weekends playing with their EType Jag…but where is the mass market and hence revenue opportunity for partners and hence best value for customers! All Good,



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