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Since it's the weekend I'm catching up on my reading ...

A few days ago I mentioned Richard Siddaway, who is setting up a Powershell user group for the UK. Somehow I failed to mention that Powershell released to the web during Tech-ed IT forum. DOH ! The will take you to the home page where there is a ton of infomation, as well the powershell Download there.

My old freind Thomas Lee dropped Eileen* a message to sat he was is also involved with the user group, and enough people have expressed an interest on his blog alone to get things started.

If you're looking for more information, the Windows server team have a great post about Powershell on their blog, with a great set of links. I've already mentioned the Powershell team's blog (or rather the presence of Jeffery Snover's transcript from IT forum there) and a quick seach on Technorati reveals several more.

* I've said a few times that I'm enjoying work more since I started working for Eileen; she's the only boss I've had who would have made the post I linked to.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Richard (he of the PowerShell User Group ) is having a meeting on January 24th , close to Microsoft Campus

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