Exchange Vista and Office Launch (for Pedants)

I realise that those of you who are prone to bouts of political correctness might describe me as "pro-detail" - and whose who aren't might call me a Pedantic wassname. You might register for the Exchange/Vista/Office (a.k.a EVO) Launch event perfectly happily but since I first saw the UK version of a the "Ready for a new day" graphic, it's bugged me that

(a) The London Skyline doesn't look like that  (and when using artistic License licence- in the style of the old Thames TV logo -one should at least get the parts in the correct sequence - the London eye is the wrong place) .

(b) We have the Sun rising in West.

If this put anyone off registering for the event, here's how I think it should look


OK ? Now go and register !

Update, thanks to the Pedantic person who pointed out that Pedants had morphed into Pendants. [Sigh ...]


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  1. James ONeill says:

    Oops. I was going to blame the US spell checker in Windows Live Writer, but it seems to accept licenCe.

  2. ian_pick says:

    I think you mean artistic licenCe.

    I also realise that there is a fair to middling chance you’re doing that deliberately to infuriate fellow pedants.

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