Got TechNet ? Get Vista.

I'm not the first to break the news, but Windows Vista was posted on the TechNet subscriber site last Thursday - a day sooner than originally planned.

This is a good time to give out a reminder about the value of TechNet, it's the must-have toolkit for IT professionals, giving you

  • Access to full version evaluation software, Betas, product keys and Service packs & security updates and TechNet library.
  • 2 free professional technical support incidents (by phone)
  • TechNet Managed Newsgroup support with answers by next business day
  • e-learning, product documentation and white papers .. And more!

There are two options.

  • TechNet Plus Direct: Online offering, no need for CD/DVD, better price! 370€
  • TechNet Plus Single User: same as Direct offering plus the media shipment. 530€

Sorry to only have a price in Euros ...


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