Powershell …

I mentioned that one of the negatives of my trip to Barcelona was not getting to sessions and the positives were all around the people I met. I was minding my own business in the speaker room when Eileen got into a Powershell conversation with a man in a most distinctive tie. She had a suggestion for how Powershell could be improved and the man in the tie listened and ended up saying "Can you send me the [something] I'm .... " Eileen said simply "I know who you are". After he'd left Eileen turned to me and said "Did you know he was ?" ... I didn't, but from what I'd heard he was connected to Powershell and Eileen knew him when he didn't expect her to. "That was Jeffery Snover" (and he's posted a transcript of his session) 

Another guy that I met was Richard Siddaway, who is setting up a Powershell user group for the UK. If your interested in Powershell, go to his blog and register an interest.

You may have seen that the other UK evangelists pitch in and help with user groups - we'll provide rooms, catering and speakers for them just to make the process easier. I've got someone talking to me about a directories user group. Now if anyone there is interested in starting an HPC or Virtualization group with a Microsoft thread to it I'd love to hear from you.


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