Vista RC-1 is ready …

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The information I had was that we built 5584 on Monday, which was intended to be the release. Another internal source told me a single "show stopper" bug (I'm not saying what - but it mattered to Microsoft internal people more than most users) caused them to go back and do one more build. 5600 was built on Wednesday.

By a strange twist of fate my daughter came into work with me today. I made a DVD or 5600 and installed it on a spare Dell: on which she has been watching DVDs and playing purble palace all afternoon. I'm still on 5536 - yep, the only one in this household to have any time on the real RC-1 is 6 years old !  5536 -5600 is a a pretty small set of changes, so I don't expect much difference when I put it on this toshiba.  

I'd keep an eye on this link for a location of the download. Technet and MSDN subscribers should be able to download it too. Expect it early next week.


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Update slight fix to the URL, and a newer build is now here.

Comments (2)

  1. slavitch says:

    For us Beta 2 Victims: Is RC1 an iso or is it an update? The latter would be much more pleasant.

  2. james says:

    As far as I know the builds are always distributed as an ISO – since every file is rebuilt I don’t think it is worth distibuting the just changes.

    It will upgrade Beta 2 (5384) – no need to do a clean install.

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