Blog spam

I've had enough. There are so many robot created spam posts to the comments to this blog - I've just removed 60 and accidentally removed one valid comment in the process - that I've made 2 changes.

One is to cap posting at 7 days. The other is that I'm going to moderate anonymous posts from now on. The people who provide us with the site software are working on a better solution.


Comments (2)

  1. EldarM1 says:

    Good to hear! I am also under attack of spammers. Killed today about 15 comments of quite disgusting content, same two days ago. And I moderated anonymous for weeks — thre are too many guys who just cannot keep their hands and everything else in appropriate places.

  2. rodtrent says:

    There is an answer.  This looks like a Community Server blog, which is what we use at  You can modify the options so that only logged-in users can post.

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