Small details are important.

I've already mentioned that I am testing an interim build of Vista. One of the things that we have changed in this build is the way the OS deals with public and private networks. Vista can recognize a domain network and the chances are you only connect to one or two private networks. So, logically Vista now assumes that any network you join is a public network, unless you tell it otherwise. It takes a couple of steps out of joining a new network.

In the shot above you can see that I'm at the buccaneer inn - on Vancouver Island in the West of Canada, another Hotel where the internet access is free. That's not why I came here though. I'm here for the diving and they took the trouble to advertise to divers and hook up with a local dive outfit. I was reading "The tipping point" on the plane out here, and one of the things I've picked up is that you've got to make your product or idea "Sticky". Other things I've read talk about making people want to do business with you. That's what the people who run this place have got (on top of having somewhere nice to stay).

Still with Diving, I have a diving computer made by Suunto , I sent it to them for a new battery last week and they had it back in my hands 48 hours after they received it - which is pretty good, but last time they turned it round the same day. I've heard other great customer service stories about their UK office. I don't know if the company is the same world wide - or perhaps all the companies in that business are as good. They've got the idea when it comes to making people want to do business with them.

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