More on the Vista command prompt

When I made my "Vista Cool wall" post, I said there were some new command line tools. I came across these by the simple method of typing HELP at a command prompt and comparing the results between Vista and XP. I'd never noticed the separate executables for some of them in XP, and they've been moved into CMD.EXE for Vista.   

TaskList is useful as Steve's post here shows. The new June technology preview of Vista, 5456 has some enhancements to the graphical task manager including a services tab, a users tab and displaying the description string next to the image name in processes. There are a couple of things the command line Tasklist can do which the GUI can't: one is to output to a file, and the other is to list all the DLLs being used.

TaskKill does just what think it would. One of the bits of software I'm beta testing is prone to get itself into a loop , so I've put a shortcut on my task bar with this command line as it's target

C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c taskkill /f /im fooBar.exe /t

I can't remember the last time I had to use Command /c - probably when it was still the DOS These old gems still work ... Mostly. I filed a bug for vista's command prompt not supporting drag and drop; and I got a mail to say it was resolved. When I found it didn't work in the new 5456 build I went and checked. It's been reported several times and the answer is this is by design. Seriously uncool.    

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