Homage to Spinal Tap.

Serendipity is at it again.

A week ago I was looking at art in Paris. My mate Barry from MCS in the US was working in Paris and wanted to meet up. If I ever get on Who wants to be a Millionaire I’ll have Barry as a phone-a-friend because of his knowledge of music. He said he had to tell his wife he’d “done” the Louvre and seen the Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa. So we did that, and I’ve got to sort out the days photos. The World’s most famous statue always reminds me of the Spoof Rock documentary “This is Spinal tap” and the fictional rock album Intravenus de Milo
I have a great regard for KC Lemson – I ’m sure it’s her excellent office photo display I remember from a spell in Redmond back in 02, when (I think) she must have been on maternity leave. She found that Windows Media Player 11 (ugly Podcasting,  clunky Windows Mobile support, no equivalent of the Xbox360's iPod support, yes  that WMP11 ) has been running this message

It’s a fantastic homage to the 11 scene in “This is Spinal Tap”.  At least I hope it is. I must admit if I worked on WMP11, Spinal Tap aren’t the band I’d want to compare myself with....

KC also liked the Crash-test dummy motif at Beta Experience.  We had a meeting with some of our community leaders today (while I was rounding it off with at a great dinner with them Eileen was blogging about it... there’s teamwork.). We had T-shirts with the dummies eye chart on for them. I like the pun on “testing dummies” in this picture. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Rush, but I like the cover of their “Moving Pictures” Album  for this reason

Still, speaking as a beta tester myself, I’m not sure the crash test dummy is what I want to be compared with.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The movie This Is Spinal Tap introduced the world to the phrase going to eleven .

    The people over at

  2. KC Lemson says:

    My firstborn was born in 2003, so if you stopped by in 02 my office door was wallpapered with pictures of my then two nephews. Now I have 4 nieces and nephews and two of my own, and the nephews and nieces have pretty much disappeared in favor of a wall of pictures of my own kids 🙂

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