When was the last time you looked at Word and said “now THAT is cool” ?

This post, and the last one were made from Word 2007 Beta. I don’t mean typed and spell checked in word, then copied out to notepad, to strip words extra tags, then copied into the blogging engine, reformatted, links re-instated and posted. I do mean this. I chose “file, new, Blog post”, Typed the title in the space marked title, selected my account from a pull down on the page, clicked a category and one I was done I went up to the word ribbon and hit Publish.

Kudos to the word team and to Joe Friend for breaking the news.

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  1. Blake Handler says:

    On Microsoft’s MSN Spaces we can use our email program to publish our blog entries.

    Since I’m using Outlook, which uses Word as its editor — I too love using Word as my blog editor!

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