Programming RSS – a complete reader in just 90 lines of code !

I know - platfrom folks shouldn't do code. But yesterday I wrote my first "proper" program in nearly 2 years. My university lecturers would hate me to call VB "proper" programming: but although I've done a some scripting I haven't written anything with a user interface since writing a little Smartphone App back in '04. Not only do I feel rusty, but I thought I'd try VB Express  for the first time

After reading the RSS team Blog I wanted to see how easy it was to use the API for RSS,  that is enabled by IE7. How difficult would it be to code with an updated language, and programming environment, and a new API ?  Astonishingly easy as it turned out. After 3 hours work I had a tool which will

  • Show your feeds and downloaded items in a tree view with unread items in bold (22 lines)
  • Shows item selected in the tree with its image, time stamp, and links to it and its feed (20 lines)
  • Let you mark the selected item as read or delete it (35 lines)
  • Resize properly (5 lines)
With 8 more lines of declarations and start up that’s 90 line of code. I doubt it will win any prizes, but it is a viable reader that can be printed on two sides of a page.
Here's what it looks like.

So anyone who writes RSS software or wants to - leave the subscribing and downloading to IE, and get on and write something great on top of it. Newsgator's CTO already gets this

Comments (8)

  1. Gordon Weakliem says:

    Small correction, Greg Reinacker is the CTO, JB Holston is NewsGator’s CEO

  2. James ONeill says:

    Thanks Gordon, I’ve edited the text.

  3. mike says:

    would love to see the 90 line! any chance? would be great sample code to encourage use of the RSS API. I do have IE7 installed so am little familiar with it.

  4. IQ70 says:

    Where can I download this program from?

  5. peewitsol says:

    Are you gonna post the code then ? James, only Scobelizer has asked 😉  and I would be interested and a few more, I guess.  

  6. James ONeill says:

    To answer the last 3 questions, I’m happy to share the code. It will be the first time I have done so, therefore I am checking with my management that it is OK. I hope that it will be available on Monday.

  7. James ONeill says:

    It took a little longer than planned … but it’s now here

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