Family.Show app shows of WPF, source code is available

  Saving the best to last 🙂   The Vertigo crew were commissioned by Microsoft to create an app in WPF that showed off some of the technology.  What they came up with was a an app that helps build and visualise family trees.   Apparently genealogy is the fastest growing hobby in North America!   Anyway,…


HD Panoramic Photo Viewer from MS Research

Wow the innovation keeps on happening (back story to lack of MS Innovation)… today via the Virtual Earth blog I found a rather cool video which shows off the work of the MS Research team that are doing stuff with HD Photos that size up to 4 Gigapixels and more!  Looks like there are some…


New York Times Reader in Silverlight on a Mac

Shock horror, but here’s some innovation from Microsoft (back story from comments in this post).  The New York Times Reader which was originally a Vista launch app based on WPF has been ported to Silverlight on the Mac.  Now because WPF and Silverlight share the same presentation markup language the porting would have taken a…


Convert Flash SWF to XAML for WPF and Silverlight

It was only a matter of time…… I first heard about Electric Rain at the launch event for Expression in the UK and the chaps from the product team did their presentation using their software, a very sexy WPF based slide shower called Standout.  Now these guys have come up with something which is also very cool,…


Upcoming Microsoft Events for developers

Some interesting events coming up soon including how to develop applications using Silverlight and Windows Live: Web Design and Development with Silverlight (Formerly Code-Named “WPF/E) and Windows Live: Reading, 16 May 2007 MSDN: Visual Studio “Orcas” & .NET Framework V3.5 Highlights: Reading, 24 May 2007 MSDN: Visual Studio “Orcas”. What’s new for Languages and Data…


Silverlight – release your style

Light up the Web Silverlight (codename WPF/E) is Microsoft’s answer to Adobe’s Flash (estimated to be running rich web based experiences on 95% of the world’s PCs and Macs). The goal is to provide the most natural and seamless method with which to design and build rich applications that transcend both desktop and web platforms….


Expression on MSDN

To all those who asked and provided feedback, thank you.  Your voice has swayed the vote and Expression Web is now available on MSDN Premium subscription.  It’s a start – Expression Design and Media aren’t on there because they aren’t related to developer tools.  But what about developers who do their own graphics I here…


UK Web Agency Blog – it looks like Expression

Andrew Shorten has just created the “Microsoft blog for and about UK Web Agencies”.  His first post is about getting started with designing rich User Experiences on the Microsoft platform and technologies like WPF, WPF/E, Expression et. al.  I’ve been playing around with Expression for the last couple of days and it’s been a great…


WPF/E CTP (Feb 2007)

This little blighter slipped out the door on the 2nd and I didn’t even realise!  Lucky Mike Taulty has got his ear to the ground and spotted the release and also a rather nice Vista environment built with WPF/E. Kind of makes the site (which was done in Flash) seem a bit average….  …


Geeks bearing gifts

  Today at DesignerUtopia I was fortunate enough to sit in on the session delivered by Tjeerd Hoek, User Experience Design Director on Windows Vista. One of the interesting things he talked about was how they collected feedback from families using good or bad smiley faces in system tray where they could tell us about…