Brazil rocking Windows 1.01

Well their website for their IT Pro/Developer event is anyway! Check it out here!  Way retro! Nice work guys. Oh and check out the Silverlight version of Windows 7 too…



They were saying at Web 2.0 that Obama won the election because of the web.  Well, there was probably a bit more to it than that but it certainly helped.  Being in San Fran on election nice was quite special and walking around at 8pm PST when it was announced he had it in the…


Quake 2 in Silverlight – sweet!

One of the last PC games I remember playing was Quake 2 – I know I know, it’s been a while.  The wizards over at have converted this classic into Silverlight – amazing! Oh yeah and now they want to know what you want them to work on next!


Hard Rock still rocking in Silverlight

The Hard Rock site just got a revamp with more items – there are now 500 items!  There’s also a nice widget to embed that you can embed in your own site!  Check the bad boy out for yourself: Hard Rock Memorabilia site If you’re a flash guru and want to use your skills in…


From Flash to Silverlight

One of the most common things we get asked about is how designers and developers can take their Flash skills and apply them to Silverlight.  We’ve been listening to you and have come out with “Project Rosetta” – a website and set of tutorials that shows you how you can take advantage of their existing…


Silverlight and WPF Workshop in NYC next week

Cool workshops event in NYC being run by my colleagues state side in New York: Overview of Silverlight & WPF Designer developer workflow using XAML Expression Studio to craft Silverlight and WPF User Experiences Styling and Skinning Data Binding Using Visual Studio to hook up Silverlight on the front end to services & Windows Live…


Crazy Olympic Silverlight Stats

Came across this cool article on eWeek about the online coverage by NBC of the Olympics powered by Microsoft Silverlight, there are some pretty mind-boggling statistics about the use throughput of data and the number of downloads of the plugin.  Here are some numbers from the first four days that caught my eye: Silverlight has…


Obama gets Deep Zoom

Interesting little project this one, created from over 12,000 thumbnails of photos uploaded by supporters Obama’s campaign created this image. Check out their page here. Deep Zoom is the technology included in Silverlight 2.0 that allows you to create a smooth zooming experience into high resolution images.


Silverlight 2 Beta 2 shipping this week and other tidbits

Announcements aplenty at TechEd 2008 in Orlando today.  Somasegar’s been writing about his keynote with Bill Gates and Silverlight 2 Beta 2 is shipping this week with a go-live license for production! This means you can legally land apps in production even though it’s beta code – I guess this helps get us round the…


Moonlight Available (that’s Silverlight for Linux)

The interop momentum is growing now with news of the release of Moonlight which is in a nutshell Silverlight for Linux allowing designers and developers to create rich experiences and applications once and land them on Windows and now Linux.  Moonlight is being developed by the guys behind Project Mono which looks to port the…