Ultimate Steal – Office 2007 for £38.95

www.theultimatesteal.co.uk Cheap like the budgie, for university and college students and staff!  You need an email address that ends with .ac.uk.  Offer runs until 30th June 2009! Go, go, go!


Vista and Office 2007 Technet Deployment – Why and How

If you have a Microsoft licensing agreement * there are resources you already have to help explain why and how you can effectively deploy Windows Vista and Office 2007 in your organisation.  Following on from a successful event last year on this topic and as a result of further requests for the need to explain…


Building an app that uses Office documents? Win an Xbox!

If you’re a partner or company developing an application that does stuff with Office documents – saving, loading, storing – whatever, then you might want to consider building it with OpenXML built in.  Why would you do this?  Two reasons really.  We’re running a competition to find the best apps that utilise Open XML.  If…


Software + Services: edging toward reality

I was speaking at the 2007 West Midlands ICT Conference a couple of weeks back about Microsoft’s Software + Services Strategy.  The talk focused mainly on what S+S is, where Microsoft is going with it and provided some reality with a few demos.  Microsoft believes in a combination of both offline and online software -…


Word 2007 freezes after installing patch from Windows Update

Jeff from New Jersey left a comment on one of my posts telling me about a problem he was having with Word 2007 after applying a new patch which he downloaded from Windows Update.  The problem was that after installing the patch he couldn’t use Word – it just froze.  A bit of a weird…


Wait a minute, is that Office 2007 Web Edition?

I nearly did a back flip this morning when I was visiting MSN.co.uk and saw the page layout below.  I thought we’d pushed out Office 2007 Web Edition too early or something 😉  But no, I was taken in by this rather clever advertisement for Office on our MSN website today.  The ad lets you…


Parksey compares Office 2007 to Open Office

Chris is one of our team members who is always experimenting so I wasn’t surprised to see his latest blog post comparing the mail merge functionality in Office 2007 to that of Open Office.  I suspect there is going to be a little bit of activity on his blog once the ‘sphere gets hold of…


Vista: Microsoft IT share experiences and best practices

Being an earlier adopter can sometimes be painful because you have to do a lot of the learning and path finding on your own.  Microsoft IT are the best example of early adopters and it’s good to see they are sharing their experiences with the rest of us so we can learn from their mistakes…


The Vista Deployment Den

Something I’ve been crafting for the last couple of weeks is a one stop shop for all your deployment resources and information.  Well here it is, the Vista Deployment Den! Most recent additions include: Vista Driver Compatibility Assess your Hardware the easy way! Software inventory and app compatibility testing the easy way! I’ll be updating…


Office 2007 Training

Excellent resources available on training for Office 2007 which are well worth a look.  See the full list here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/CT102036981033.aspx Training presentation: Outlook 2007—Create great-looking signatures for your e-mail Rating: (16 votes) Training presentation: Microsoft Office—Get up to speed with the 2007 system Rating: (85 votes) Training presentation: PowerPoint 2007—Get up to speed Rating: (101…