Code using Live Search APIs and win $10k

The Live Search team have just launched a cool competition in partnership with the Gnomedex conference where developers can win $10,000 and other cash prizes that have in impact on the economy or earth’s ecology.  The only caveat is that submitted applications must use Live Search APIs! You can create apps on whatever platform or…


LiveWIM using customized sign-in pages for Live ID

I blogged last week about the new documentation available for customizing the registration and sigin-in pages for Live ID and we’re already starting to see some examples in the wild. LiveWIM, a site for tracking your whereabouts and letting your friends know, have gone and implemented and the results are pretty cool.  The thing I…


Slipstreaming features on Windows Live

The beauty of services is that it provides the ability to add new features rapidly and discretely.  I was playing around with some of my photos on earlier and when looking at an album’s thumbnails it gave me an option to install a new feature that made my thumbnails look even better.  Well of…


New Plugins for Windows Live Photo Gallery

Yummy! No longer will I have to use the god-forsaken Facebook photo upload tool – thank you Will Duff!!!! Windows Live Photo Gallery (Beta) and Windows Live Movie Maker (Beta) make it simple to add publishing support for 3rd party sharing services. Simply download and install a plug-in and start publishing. Note: plug-ins only…


Live Services Jumpstart

  Hop, skip and jump start into Live Services with these 2 day technical courses on how to build amazing consumer web applications and unlock the critical mass of users quickly to make your idea fizz. There are 11 locations around the world where we’ll be handing out the knowledge and knowhow so make sure…


Windows Cloud

There’s news all over the internet this morning about Windows Cloud after Ballmer bounded into London and delivered a number of presentations to customers and press.  Talking about Google and cloud computing, he acknowledged the need to land an OS in the internet for customers and developers to leverage.  Can anyone spot the end game?…


Live Search in Facebook

Exciting announcement for the Live Search guys, we’ve signed a deal with Facebook that will see us power their search capability and provide advertising on  Nice! Microsoft Press Room TechCrunch Reaction Live Side Reaction


Bill and Steve at D6 with Windows 7 Touch

I’ve refrained from posting anything about Windows 7 until now but it seems that this week the lid was lifted – albeit only a fraction – on what you might be in store for with the next version of Windows.  Steve S gave an interview where he danced around release dates and features and functionality…


Live Search Image Scrathpad

I’m liking this new feature of Live Search Images, I can do a search and do some quick refining and tweaking to get the results I want really quick.  It’s a great way of honing in on the stuff you really want to find without having to be really specific right from the start. Check…


Windows Live Vision

This mashup was forwarded to me today which maps on Virtual Earth all the recently updated Live Spaces pages.  Pretty nice example of how you can pull this information together.  In fact you could do something pretty similar with Popfly with hardly any effort at all. Check out Windows Live Vision. Also of note was…