How to build your own Operations Manager 2007 Management Packs

It was only today that I was discussing with Andrew Driver – the expert on Management in our team – about the virtues of System Center Operations Manager and how as a software developer you can build you own management packs so that the IT department can monitor and manage your app from one place…


Developer Developer Developer Day 5.0

Last time, this event rocked and I would definitely recommend attending if you want to see and hear some impressive speakers talk about cool technology.  The agenda is already published here and you can register for the event here.  From the looks of it I will try and get along to IIS 7.0, C#3.0. Mobile…


Family.Show app shows of WPF, source code is available

  Saving the best to last 🙂   The Vertigo crew were commissioned by Microsoft to create an app in WPF that showed off some of the technology.  What they came up with was a an app that helps build and visualise family trees.   Apparently genealogy is the fastest growing hobby in North America!   Anyway,…


Silverlight – release your style

Light up the Web Silverlight (codename WPF/E) is Microsoft’s answer to Adobe’s Flash (estimated to be running rich web based experiences on 95% of the world’s PCs and Macs). The goal is to provide the most natural and seamless method with which to design and build rich applications that transcend both desktop and web platforms….


Develop your own apps for Home Server

The beta software development kit (SDK) for Windows Home Server was released last week and should make for interesting applications being built atop the server platform for system protection, media sharing, home security and home automation.  The SDK consists of The API files for Windows Home Server HomeServer.dll, HomeServer.idl, and HomeServerExt.dll. This documentation Sample code The current…


Office Live Web Services – make it want you want

Extending Office Live has recently been made easier through the introduction of this web service which provides specific API access to core parts of the platform.  There are also many Sharepoint Services APIs to play with via web services but some of these are blocked because of how Office Live works atop the platform. Chris…


Small Software Developer? Daunted by MS technology adoption?

I admit it, keeping track of all the latest technologies coming out of Microsoft is a challenge in itself – I should know! 🙂  For developers it’s an even more daunting challenge because their knowledge is out of date in short amount of time. For our smaller ISVs (software developers) we have launched a new…


Aspen Mountain in WPF

More news from the Designer Utopia Event, Beau Ambur from Metaliq showed off their Aspen snowboarding WPF application to the technical crowd.  Again he highlighted the great way that the Expression tools integrate seamlessly with Visual Studio, finally uniting Designers and Developers on one common project format. The app itself is very rich, which prompted questions…


Mobile 5.0 Development

Interesting Mobile 5.0 APIs are being released – you’ll get them in ROM and hence do not have to be deployed to the target by your setup programs. To code against them, you need to download the free Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK which installs the six libraries that you can reference from your Visual Studio…


WinFX Screencast

I’ve been talking a lot about the power of WinFX (aka .NET 3.0) for some time now and I’m seeing more and more examples coming to market that take advantage of the platform.  This screencast shows off an ficticious application that’s part of our demo toolkit and it helps illustrate what can be done using…