Farewell Technet!

I’m moving home to a new blog at www.jamessenior.com!  This move also represents a rebrand for both myself and my content but more explained in my first post: Welcome from Microsoft’s Social Web Guy! It has been an emotional three years on the TechNet platform and I want to say thank you for all the loyal…


New Biography

Just drafted a new bio, interested to get your feedback! James Senior (http://www.jamessenior.com) James is based in Seattle as the Technical Evangelist for Live Services at Microsoft. Live Services provide both amazing online experiences for 500 million users worldwide and an open platform on which developers and businesses can connect easily with them. James works…


Delighting customers – a business imperative

Having been in the USA for a little over a month, there can be a lot said for the customer service I’ve come to expect and how far people will go to make sure you – the customer – are delighted with your experience.  It’s a far cry from Europe where the majority of the…


Driving Speeds

This made me chuckle especially having recently had to adjust my driving speed over here in the US.  Graph courtesy of GraphJam


Settling in

It was my first full day yesterday in Building 18, Microsoft HQ and as well as unpacking my new laptop (another X61 Tablet – solid as a rock) I got settled in my office.  I won’t lie to you – it was a little bit on the bare side, with just a desk and chair…


Here begins the period of craziness – and I can’t wait

Well, well, well. It’s mid-October and my life is about to get insane.  Yesterday a consultant from the removal company came round to size up all my personal possessions ready for the big move to Seattle.  Tomorrow I head to the US Embassy in London to get my visa application and get my passporto stamped…


Financial Services Craziness

Seems like a great time to pick up a bargain in Financial Services.  Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch this week for $USD 50 billion and now there are talks of Lloyds TSB merging with HBOS – wow! Currently, the market values HBOS at £10 billion after shares dropped 51%. Markets always bounce back, now…

Microsoft hiring Ninjas

I was chatting with my pal Viral today and he pointed out an employee at Microsoft who had the title "Zune Ninja" stored in Active Directory.  What a cool title I thought – I wonder if I can change my title to become "Partner Technology Ninja".  Anyway Viral emailed the guy and he explained the…


I’m Back

I’m back! Well, nearly.  I couldn’t resist a pre flight blog post (that’s my plane above) to get me back in the swing of things when I touch down in the UK in about 10 hours.  My business trip/holiday has been great.  I’ve been staying with family out here just south of San Jose and…

Will I get down to 0?

  Today was admin day. This morning I started with around 200 emails that needed actioning. With under an hour to go until the weekend I’ve promised myself to clear my inbox – I’ve never seen my inbox this empty it feels great!