Perspective from the Web 2.0 crowd on Microsoft’s hosting announcements

It’s always interesting to listen to what Techcrunch and it’s readers say about Microsoft’s moves in certain markets and yesterday at the Worldwide Partner Conference there was lots to talk about.  Microsoft unveiled it’s hosted offering for Exchange, SharePoint and Office Communication Server under the brand “Microsoft Online” which will come in starting at $3…


Get Office Communicator in Outlook

Julian (the UC and Exchange guru in my team) send around a link to an add-in for Outlook that allows the tight integration of Office Communicator.  Now I can click to call or IM anyone really quickly from Outlook without having to open up the Office Communicator client – Sweet! To download the client go…


Vista: Microsoft IT share experiences and best practices

Being an earlier adopter can sometimes be painful because you have to do a lot of the learning and path finding on your own.  Microsoft IT are the best example of early adopters and it’s good to see they are sharing their experiences with the rest of us so we can learn from their mistakes…


The desk of an Exchange and Unified Comms Technical Specialist

I know it’s a question on a lot of people’s lips, but actually what does the desk of a Unified Comms Technical Specialist at Microsoft look like? Lots of gadgets and a desk that looks like the starship enterprise.  On his excellent blog Julian talks about Exchange 2007, Unified Communications and Windows Mobile.  Don’t know…


Vista sales stronger than expected

First month over and done with and the sales were better than the analysts expected.  That’s only for business customers too remember, hence why the sales were slightly behind XP’s first month.  Should be interesting once the public can get there hands on Vista from the 30th this month! This is exciting, what with all…


Exchange 2007 Free Trial

Experience Exchange Server 2007 benefits firsthand. When you sign up for the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Evaluation Program, they can use Exchange Server 2007 free for 120 days. Built-in features–including unified messaging, data replication, and advanced management tools–help meet common business and IT challenges. Check it out here


Bristol is now ready for the business evolution

Yesterday, we presented the first of five cinema events featuring Exchange 2007, Office 2007 and Vista.  The gig itself was at the Bristol iMax which had a spectacular screen onto which we presented the fabulous.  One of the AV guys informed me that the screen was made partly of Silver and cost £3000 per square…


Ready for a new Day?

The launch website for Office 2007, Vista and Exchange 2007 has just been unveiled and amongst other things you can view the official product launch at the NY stock exchange later today.  Other useful resources are the videos and the forums where the business value propositions of all three products can be discussed with Microsoft…


T-Shirts and tour dates

You know it’s getting serious when they give you a “crew” t-shirt for the upcoming Cinema tour!   We’ve nearly sold out on this tour so make sure you book your ticket immediately! Book me a seat and get my popcorn ready!