Ori and his Marvellous Meshified Car

I tweeted recently about Ori and his Mesh car and today the Channel 9 video proving the existence of the rumoured vehicle and the amazing technology that the Amiga has bestowed upon it. Needless to say that as the Live Services Evangelist I need to get my car meshified without delay so as I leave…


Windows Live Wave 3 Beta!

LiveSide gave me the headsup on the new Windows Live Wave 3 Beta available here.  This version contains Movie Maker Beta which now falls into the Windows Live portfolio.  Previously, it was included with Windows Vista, but I get the feeling that not many people new it was there – perhaps this will help raise…


Sony TV Art

Loving the new TV/Picture frames from Sony – the E4000 Series as they call it – comes in various sizes up to 40”, is 1080p, comes with preinstalled art, can be used as a TV and you can upload your own art/photos via USB. All it’s missing is the Live Mesh client 🙂


Lips at the Bestival on the Isle of Wight

I’m heading off tonight to the Isle of Wight (located here), where I will be rocking out at the Bestival festival.  Apparently Amy is still due to headline – she’s been doing all her tour dates recently so fingers crossed! On the XBox 360 stage they will showing off Lips, Microsoft’s newest game (see trailer…


Trendy PCs on the catwalk

Some rather cool PCs got shown off last week in Vegas at the PROJECT fashion show.  I really like the Asus F6V and the HP Touchsmart – the Asus even emits a scent! interesting! ComputerWorld has all the details!


Reflections on Ray

I arrived back in San Francisco last night after a great conference in Atlanta, and despite being a little drained (totally my own choice) I couldn’t help be excited by two particular keynotes I saw.  Firstly Craig Mundie gave some insight into some of the advances we are making in Surface and showed how it…


Media Center University

Following the Vista After Hours events we did last year, it’s great to see some training being put in place for partners looking to seize upon the opportunity in the consumer market.  Look out for some interesting developments in the consumer space relating to our Software + Services direction and also our competitiveness with some…


Worldwide Telescope released

Great news today that the Worldwide Telescope project is now unveiled and you can download the software yourself and explore amazing scenes in space.  It’s based on some of the best telescopic imagery on the planet and provides a rich way of navigating around the sky whilst zooming in and out of areas that interest…


I’m Back

I’m back! Well, nearly.  I couldn’t resist a pre flight blog post (that’s my plane above) to get me back in the swing of things when I touch down in the UK in about 10 hours.  My business trip/holiday has been great.  I’ve been staying with family out here just south of San Jose and…